Bulman made his first appeareance in The XYY Man, a novel by Kenneth Royce which was serialized in 1976-7. The enigmatic-sounding main character was an alias for ex-cat burglar William 'Spider' Scott (Stephen Yardley), a man with an extra Y chromosome that resulted in him being somewhat tall and inducing him a natural disposition to unlawful (but non-violent) activity. Dave Rogers takes over from here:
"It was [Spider's] talent that led Fairfax [played by Mark Dignam] – a mysterious figure connected with British intelligence – to seek him out and hand him a proposition that would appeal to Spider's sense of adventure: 15, 000 pounds to be deposited in a Swiss bank account, if Spider could break into a foreign embassy and steal a metal box, then hand it over to Fairfax' representative."
Rogers goes on to explain that Bulman was a different character when he "started":
"[He] was a violent rule-bender who pursued a confession and conviction with crass disregard for legal rights – a far cry from the quirky, glove-wearing, sympathetic character he later became." The man who "changed" Bulman was director Ken Grieve who, as Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping point out, cast against type. Don Henderson (1932 – 1997) and Dennis Blanch as his colleague Willis provided comic relief moments in the Granada series which made it to 13 episodes. Writer Murray Smith, producer Richard Everitt, directors Ken Grieve and Carol Wilks, and designer Chris Wilkinson also contributed to the follow-up series (see below for details).
Bulman became the centre of attention in most episodes of the first follow-up, Strangers, of which 32 episodes were made between 1978 and 1982. At first sight this seems an unusual title for a police series. The explanation, however, is that that Bulman and Willis are promoted (or DEmoted, depends on the point of view) to a special department in the north of England, unknown to both their colleagues, represented by Det. Sgt. Singer (John Ronane), and to their opponents from the other side of the law.
The odd jazz title music by Mike Moran does not suggest that we're dealing with the same league The Sweeney etc. are in. In his IMDb summary Darren Giddings points out the difference:
"[T]he show drifted between the standard hard edged, grittily realistic and violent policy which was prevalent in British police shows in the late 70s, and a peculiarly tongue-in-cheek reluctance to take itself seriously."

The first Strangers season, consisting of seven segments, was made on videotape. The pilot, The Paradise Set, lets you down a little if you expect action fare. The Paradise set is indeed quite extensively used, which results in a few lengths and awkward moments. The fight scenes are poorly staged, probably because the crew were given only a few hours (minutes?) to do them. Strangers does not look too well on VTR (as opposed to Van der Valk, for instance) because its concept is more "physical". The scene in which Willis is threatened by mock machine gun fire is misplaced in a drama series like this - it looks just ridiculous. Today's camera equipment, a little more experience and a little more time to rehearse exteriors would definitely have helped.
JRonane ParadiseSet
Fighting alongside Bulman, Singer and Willis was Linda Doran (Frances Tomelty), a combat expert. She co-stars in Right and Wrong, which at first focuses on Singer who is convinced that local politician Roy Jenkins engages in illegal financial transactions. Willis and Doran are selected for a stakeout. They pose as a married couple, move in next door to the Jenkins' house and eventually socialize with them (picture to follow). Doran voices doubts early in the episode whether she's working with the right people which puts a strain on her being teamed up with Willis. However, it is Jenkins who remains the real problem ... Briscoe is dominated by Michael Byrne in the title role, turning in yet another fine performance. This episode is mainly concerned with Briscoe's and Bulman's different attitudes towards their job. In Paying Guests Bulman teams up with Briscoe once more, this time to guard the family of a witness. After a while one wonders if the enemy really lurks on the outside ... Paying Guests is a good story that also has a nice sense of humour going for it – a good finish for the first season.
Season 2 opened with The Wheeler Dealers, a nice all film job with lots of action and humour (Bulman being at the receiving end), again helmed by Carol Wilks who, apparently, still did not make use of the talents of a capable stunt arranger. In the average Clever Dick Willis goes undercover as a boxer, but his cover is blown up which puts his life in danger. Friends in High Places introduced Vanessa Bennett (played by Fiona Mollison), Doran's replacement. While Bulman was already eccentric enough – his outfit included Shakespeare t-shirt, scarf, woollen gloves, plastic bags and nose spray – his female colleagues strove to be up to par. Bennett was a passionate driver, reacting with a "Brrrmm, brrmm" to Singer's orders. Cornell/Day/Topping comment: "A character ten years ahead of her time." She certainly appeared to be more restrained and conventional in later seasons.
The second season ended with the excellent Marriages, Deaths and Births which pointed in the direction Strangers would soon move. Bulman and Willis appear at a wedding to carry out an arrest. However, the whole thing goes badly sour when Bulman is wounded and abducted by gangster Nick Carmos. Singer and his team try to save Bulman's life - no easy task with their opponent being a psychopath. Bulman is in bad shape throughout the episode and has to go through a terrible ordeal. Despite many videotaped studio scenes an outstanding offer from Charles Brideshead Revisited Sturridge, which is only marred by the pathetically obvious Clockwork Orange reference.
On the first two seasons Simon Coward contributes the following information:
"Right And Wrong" is an odd episode because Bulman isn't one of the main characters. The first two series tended to vary which of the four or five detectives were prominent from week to week. As the Bulman character became more and more popular, he started appearing each week. One result of this is that a run of repeats in the mid-1980s only showed the "Bulman" episodes and missed out the few that he didn't really feature in. That's why any copies of episodes like "Duty Roster", "Silver Lining", "Accidental Death", "Right And Wrong" and "Call Of The Wild" are so difficult (in some cases perhaps impossible) to get hold of."
A new title sequence for Strangers - use your imagination to spot the cat!
In the third season the basic concept of Strangers was slightly modified. The title music was revamped and now featured a synthesizer, accompanied by shots of a cat on the prowl. One season later the cat shots were intercut with short scenes showing the leads in action. Bulman, Willis, Singer and Bennett now operated as Inter-City Squad, which gave viewers additional pleasure by enabling them to see many different locations (cf Armed and Dangerous). New protagonists included secret service man Bill Dugdale (Thorley Walters) and DCS Jack Lambie (Mark McManus).
On a good day Strangers DID become a serious competitor for The Sweeney, Target and The Professionals, the inevitable result of a bigger budget, exclusive use of 16mm film and employment of directors like William Brayne (who had just finished his last Professionals season), Roger Tucker and Ben Bolt. Strangers also did something that was avoided by its counterparts: experimentation with the one-hour format. Two two-parters were made.
One of them is the pair Armed and Dangerous / Racing Certainty. The former starts with an excellently staged gunbattle and has Bulman and Willis pitted against a violent mob. A bleak, unpleasant, state-of-the-art episode – highly recommended. Racing Certainty has several in-jokes (Ride of the Valkyries, the "swift and evil rozzer" reference). It's hard to say anything else without spoiling the fun - just watch out for A level characterization and the exciting hospital scenes. If you watch carefully you'll notice several passers-by looking curiously into the camera during the racetrack scenes.
In The Moscow Subway Murders, which displays a terrific sense of humour throughout, Bulman and the squad meet an eccentric colleague from Moscow, Inspector Pushkin. Much is made of the clash between cultures, to mostly hilarious effects. Visibly (and audibly) a story from the days of the cold war but definitely not dated due to its tongue-in-cheek-style.

Fig. NN: "Why do I get all the bleeding nutters?"

The hair-raising climax of Soldiers of Misfortune
In A Swift and Evil Rozzer Bulman is suspended from the force – seemingly. He tries to uncover the whereabouts of a kidnapped girl. Blanch provides a humourous moment when he strides through the office, quoting Shakespeare.
Just like Strangers, Bulman (1985-7) was the brainchild of Pete Walker's former collaborator Murray Smith. Smith, who had written Walker's Cool It Carol, The Four Dimensions of Greta, Die Screaming Maryanne, Home Before Midnight and the infinitely better The Comeback, plus The Sellout (directed by Peter Collinson) and Bear Island (directed by Don Sharp), switched to TV work in the mid-1970s. Apart from the series already mentioned he contributed to The Sweeney (Faces) and Frederick Forsyth Presents, a short series of TV movies. In 1993 he published a novel, Corrida. Cornell/Day/Topping report that he's a dedicated jazz fan which is evident from much of his work. Who could forget the Dempsey and Makepeace episode which was introduced by a performance of Mr Acker Bilk and his band?
In Bulman, Don Henderson's character was more cuddly than ever before. Bulman, who had departed from the Yard, became clockmaker cum private detective. Mark McManus (who had moved on to his own hit series Taggart), Dennis Blanch and Thorley Walters had a few guest appearances, Bulman's permanent partner became Lucy McGinty (Siobhan Redmond in a pre-Between the Lines role). The title sequence shows Bulman shaving, watched by a deadpan Lucy and again accompanied by a relaxed jazz theme, courtesy of Dick Walter. The series was not really fast-paced and hard-hitting, although there were exceptions (Chinese Whispers, A Man of Conviction, Death of a Hitman, White Lies). Few, but solid action sequences in Bulman once again bear the signature of Peter Brayham. Cornell/Day/Topping observe that Everitt was only executive producer, leaving Steve Hawes and Sita Williams in the driver's seat who turned Bulman into a "popular series". Bulman already began with a distinct comedy touch and was a full-fledged parody of detective shows in its second season (Chicken of the Baskervilles, WC Fields Was Right).
Bulman Bulman
Whereas accessibility of The XYY Man does not seem to be an unsurmountable problem one is lucky to find episodes of Bulman (although shown at a time of widespread ownership of VCRs), and even more so to find episodes of Strangers. The XYY Man was repeated on Granada Plus whereas Strangers and Bulman have had no repeats since the mid-1980s and late 1980s respectively although Don Henderson himself suggested to show the series again.
Smith and Henderson, both ex-policemen, went on to co-operate thereafter for the BBC series The Paradise Club, which exhibited many elements of its predecessors. In this series Henderson plays priest Frank Kane whose brother Danny (Leslie Grantham) is a gangland boss. The pair is on the target list of a good-looking policewoman, Rosy Campbell (Kitty Aldridge). More details will follow in due course!
Season 1: Producer Richard Everitt

(1.01) The Proposition tx 03.07.76 Writer Ivor Marshall Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Ken Grieve

(1.02) The Execution tx 10.07.76 Guest Stars Eric Young Alan Rowe Paul Freeman Writer Ivor Marshall Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Ken Grieve

(1.03) The Resolution tx 17.07.76 Guest Stars Don Warrington Peter Birrel Writer Ivor Marshall Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Ken Grieve

Season 2: Producer Richard Everitt

(2.01) Friends and Enemies tx 27.06.77 Guest Stars Brian Croucher Writer Tim Aspinall Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Ken Grieve

(2.02) The Missing Civil Servant tx 04.07.77 Guest Stars Johnny Shannon Arnold Diamond Writer Tim Aspinall Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Ken Grieve

(2.03) The Big Bang tx 11.07.77 Guest Stars Stephen Davey James Coyle Writer Tim Aspinall Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Ken Grieve

(2.04) At the Bottom of the River tx 18.07.77 Guest Stars Brian Croucher Writer Tim Aspinall Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Ken Grieve

(2.05) When We Were Very Greedy tx 25.07.77 Guest Stars Ronald Lewis Jennifer Lonsdale Writer Murray Smith Designer Jack Robinson Director Carol Wilks

(2.06) Now We Are Dead tx 01.08.77 Guest Stars Glyn Houston Derrick O'Connor Writer Murray Smith Designer Jack Robinson Director Carol Wilks

(2.07) Whisper Who Dares tx 08.08.77 Guest Stars Glyn Houston Barry Andrews Writer Murray Smith Designer Jack Robinson Director Carol Wilks

(2.08) Law and Order tx 15.08.77 Guest Stars Norman Jones Peter Marinker Writer Eddie Boyd Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Alan Grint

(2.09) The Detrimental Robot tx 22.08.77 Guest Stars Ray Mort John Price Writer Eddie Boyd Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Alan Grint

(2.10) A View to a Death tx 29.08.77 Guest Stars Tony Jay Garrick Hagon Writer Eddie Boyd Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Alan Grint
(Note: This guide is under construction. Currently links for 14 episodes - 2.05, 3.01, 3.02, 3.03, 3.04, 3.05, 3.06, 4.01, 4.05, 4.06, 5.01, 5.02, 5.03, 5.04 - exist. See German page for remaining details.)

Season 1

(1.01) The Paradise Set
(1.02) Duty Roster
(1.03) Silver Lining
(1.04) Accidental Death
(1.05) Briscoe
(1.06) Right and Wrong
(1.07) Paying Guests

Season 2

(2.01) The Wheeler Dealers
(2.02) Call of the Wild
(2.03) Clever Dick
(2.04) Friends in High Places
(2.05) Marriages, Deaths and Births

Season 3

(3.01) Retribution
(3.02) You Can't Win Them All
(3.03) Armed and Dangerous
(3.04) Racing Certainty
(3.05) Clowns Don't Cry
(3.06) Tom Thumb and Other Stories
(3.07) No Orchids for Missing Blandisch

Season 4

(4.01) The Moscow Subway Murders
(4.02) The Loneliness of the Long Distance Copper
(4.03) A Dear Green Place
(4.04) Stand and Deliver
(4.05) The Flowers of Edinburgh
(4.06) Soldiers of Misfortune

Season 5

(5.01) A Much Underestimated Man
(5.02) A Swift and Evil Rozzer
(5.03) The Tender Trap
(5.04) The Lost Chord
(5.05) A Free Weekend in the Country
(5.06) Charlie's Brother's Birthday
(5.07) With These Gloves You Can Pass Through Mirrors
Season 1

Executive Producer Richard Everitt Producer Steve Hawes Music Dick Walter

(1.01) Winds of Change tx 05.06.85 Guest Stars Mark McManus Dennis Blanch Valerie Lush Gary Holton John Benfield Simon Molloy Jeffrey Chiswick Stunts Peter Brayham Writer Murray Smith Photography Mike Blakeley Operator Doug Hallows Editor Paul Griffiths-Davies Designer James Weatherup Director William Brayne
GERMAN: Seitenwechsel
Bulman, retired from the police force, now repairs clocks for a living. However, Lambie, Willis and Lucy McGinty persuade him to take on a new case.

(1.02) The Daughter Was a Dancer tx 12.06.85 Guest Stars Mark McManus Shirley Dixon Neil Cunningham David Hargreaves Anthony Van Laast Henry Stamper Paul Angelis Writer Murray Smith Photography Mike Popley Operator Jon Woods Editor David Stocks Designer Chris Wilkinson Director Ken Grieve
GERMAN: Die Tänzerin
Bulman and Lucy are safeguarding a businessman.

(1.03) Pandora's Many Boxes tx 19.06.85 Guest Stars Dennis Blanch Clive Francis Basil Henson Hugh Dickson Neville Rofaila Kirstie Pooley Michael Sheard Niall Toibin Deborah Grant Stunts Paul Weston Writer Murray Smith Photography Mike Blakeley Operator Doug Hallows Editor Victoria Price Designer James Weatherup Director Christopher King
GERMAN: Rufmord
Mr Chadwick loses his job because he fails to pass a security check. Bulman investigates.

(1.04) Death of a Hitman tx 26.06.85 Guest Stars Thorley Walters Alun Armstrong Tommy Boyle Phillada Sewell Kathryn George Linda Marchal Stunts Peter Brayham Writer Murray Smith Photography Jon Woods Operator Lawrence Jones Editor Barry Bowmer Designer Chris Truelove Director Bill Gilmour
GERMAN: Im Auftrag Ihrer Majestät
Bulman helps an elderly woman finding out why her son was killed.

(1.05) The Name of the Game tx 03.07.85 Guest Stars George Sewell Leslie Grantham Lesley Manville David Healy Alec Linstead John Benfield Simon Molloy Brian Bovell Troy Foster Stunts Peter Brayham Writer Murray Smith Photography David Odd Operators Doug Hallows Lawrence Jones Editor David Stocks Designer Chris Wilkinson Director William Brayne
A woman who blames a cop for her husband's death is out for revenge.

(1.06) One of Our Pigeons Is Missing tx 10.07.85 Guest Stars Thorley Walters Ursula Howells Peter Settelen Murray Melvin Stunts Peter Brayham Writer Murray Smith Photography Mike Blakeley Operator Tony Coldwell Editor Andy Sumner Designer Taff Batley Director Charlie Nairn
GERMAN: Brieftaube vermißt
Bulman goes undercover as a tramp to solve a murder case.

(1.07) Sins of Omission tx 17.07.85 Guest Stars George Pravda Thorley Walters Christopher Villiers Emma Relph Simon Molloy Katia Tchenko Writer Murray Smith Photography Jon Woods Operator Tony Coldwell Editor Paul Griffiths-Davies Designer Chris George Director Roger Tucker
Secret Service men use Lucy as a bait to expose a female KGB agent.

(1.08) Another Part of the Jungle tx 24.07.85 Guest Stars Freddie Jones Godfrey James Peter Kelly Avis Bunnage Stunts Paul Weston Writer Henry Livings Photography Mike Blakeley Operator Doug Hallows Editor Barry Bowmer Designer Colin Rees Director Christopher King
Originally hired to mend a church tower clock Bulman must cross swords with a hitman.

(1.09) Born into the Purple tx 31.07.85 Guest Stars Pauline Jamieson Alan David Veronica Smart Rupert Vansittart Writer Paul Wheeler Photography Doug Hallows Editor Roland Coburn Designer Taff Batley Director Bill Gilmour
GERMAN: Adel in Nöten
Bulman and Lucy are hired to find out why several thefts occur in the home of a wealthy family.
One of the characters utters an annoyingly stupid an unfunny blend of German and English!

(1.10) A Cup For the Winner tx 07.08.85 Guest Stars Bruce Boa Anthony May Richard Caldicot Writer Murray Smith Photography Jon Woods Operator Tony Coldwell Editor Don Kelly Designer David Buxton Director David Carson
GERMAN: Kalte Spuren
Bulman is hired by an American to find ancient family property.

(1.11) I Met a Man Who Wasn't There tx 14.08.85 Guest Stars Peter Wyngarde Sheila Hancock Stephan Kalipha Ken Campbell Claire Nielson John Benfield Peter Childs James Warrior Writer Henry Livings Photography David Odd Operator Doug Hallows Editor Barry Bowmer Designers Chris Wilkinson Alan Price Director Ken Grieve
Bulman and Lucy are trying to interfere with the schemes of a vengeful villain.

(1.12) A Moveable Feast tx 21.08.85 Guest Stars Tony Anholt Carolyn Pickles Simon Chandler Colette O'Neil Peter Brayham Sally Edwards Jonathan Elsom Stunts Peter Brayham Writer Paul Wheeler Photography David Odd Operator Tony Coldwell Editor Roland Coburn Designer Stephen Fineren Director Bill Gilmour
Bulman and Lucy come to the rescue of a young couple whose catering service seems to be a thorn in someone's flesh.

(1.13) A Man of Conviction tx 28.08.85 Guest Stars Mark McManus Alfred Lynch Prentis Hancock Richard Grayson Thorley Walters Tom Chadbon Niven Boyd Tim Wylton Stunts Gareth Milne Writer Murray Smith Photography Mike Popley Operator Gordon MacGregor Editor Dave Cresswell Designer Taff Batley Director Tom Cotter
Bulman goes undercover as a convict, assigned to find out how and why prisoners can carry out robberies.

Season 2

Executive Producer Richard Everitt Producer Sita Williams Music Dick Walter

(2.01) Chinese Whispers tx 20.06.87 Guest Stars Alfred Lynch David Horovitch John Forgeham Christopher Reich Peter Graves Stunts Peter Brayham Writer Murray Smith Photography Mike Popley Operator Gordon MacGregor Editor Dave Cresswell Designers Margaret Coombes Michael Grimes Director William Brayne
Bulman's second encounter with convict Joe Revell.

(2.02) Death by Misadventure tx 27.06.87 Guest Stars Robert Hardy George Irving Ian Bleasdale Jane Cox Iain Cuthbertson Writer Murray Smith Photography Mike Popley Operator Nicholas Plowright Editor Kim Horton Designer Margaret Coombes Director David Carson
Reporter Desmond Geraldine is killed at the racetrack.

(2.03) White Lies tx 04.07.87 Guest Stars Amanda Hillwood Emrys James Stephen Dillon Karl Johnson Peter Jonfield Eamonn Walker Alix Refaie Writer Murray Smith Director Gareth Morgan (other crew currently n/a)
Commander Morrison talks Bulman into helping out in one of his cases.

(2.04) The Chicken of the Baskervilles tx 18.07.87 Guest Stars Ingrid Pitt Tony Mathews Peter Armitage Rosalind Knight John McGlynn Luke Hanson Stunts Peter Brayham Writer Murray Smith Photography Mike Popley Operator Gordon MacGregor Editor Andy Sumner Designer Michael Grimes Director William Brayne
Bulman poses as a butler to Lord Kilmartin to find out why his predecessor in that position disappeared.
Absolutely hilarious!!

(2.05) Thin Ice tx 25.07.85 Guest Stars Thorley Walters Graham Crowden Jack Shepherd Richard McCabe Writer Murray Smith Photography Jon Woods Operator Nicholas Plowright Editor Bob Morton Designer Alan Price Director Bruce MacDonald
Bulman's former boss Dugdale apparently has been found dead.

(2.06) WC Fields Was Right tx 01.08.87 Guest Stars Tony Doyle Albert Welling Ken Campbell Susan Tracy Robert Blythe David Buck Stuntman Frank Henson Stunt Arranger Andy Bradford Writer Murray Smith Operator Gordon MacGregor Photography David Odd Editor David Stocks Designer Ken Wheatley Director Sarah Harding
Right ... with regard to children and animals!

(2.07) Ministry of Accidents tx 08.08.87 Guest Stars Thorley Walters Shaughan Seymour Katrin Cartlidge John Rapley Terry Gilligan Stunts Chris Webb Writer Murray Smith Photography David Odd Operator Doug Hallows Editor David Rees Designer Alan Pickford Director Brian Mills
Dugdale once again asks Bulman and Lucy for help – which gets them into severe trouble.

Executive Producer Murray Smith Music Dave Lawson

Season 1

(1.01) Unfrocked in Babylon tx 19.09.89 Writer Murray Smith Director Lawrence Gordon Clark
GERMAN: Der weiße Rabe der Familie

(1.02) Family Favours tx 26.09.89 Guest Stars Philip Martin Brown David Swift Stunts Tony Smart Writer Murray Smith Photography Alan Jones Supervising Editor John S. Smith Dubbing Coordinator Peter Delfgou Designer Phil Roberson Second Unit Director/Producer Selwyn Roberts Director Anthony Wilkinson
GERMAN: Wer andern eine Grube gräbt

(1.03) Sudden Death Tango tx 03.10.89
GERMAN: Einer kriegt die Kurve

(1.04) Crack in the Mirror tx 10.10.89
GERMAN: Die Miami-Connection

(1.05) Bring on the Cavalry tx 17.10.89
GERMAN. Der Todestag

(1.06) Up Jumped a Swagperson tx 24.10.89
GERMAN: Besuch der alten Dame

(1.07) Short Story tx 31.10.89
GERMAN: Eine kurze Affäre

(1.08) Revolving Funds tx 07.11.89
GERMAN: Schmutziges Geld

(1.09) Sins of the Fathers 1 tx 14.11.89
GERMAN: Zwischen den Fronten 1

(1.10) Sins of the Fathers 2 tx 21.11.89
GERMAN: Zwischen den Fronten 2

Season 2

(2.01) Chinese Whispers tx 25.09.90
GERMAN: Chinesisches Geflüster

(2.02) Hell's Kitchenette tx 02.10.90
GERMAN: In Teufels Küche

(2.03) Faces From the Past tx 09.10.90
GERMAN: Gesichter der Vergangenheit

(2.04) The Great Fly-Tipping War tx 16.10.90
GERMAN: Bandenkrieg

(2.05) Old Pals tx 23.10.90
GERMAN: Ein mieses Geschäft

(2.06) Lord of the Files tx 30.10.90
GERMAN: Der stille Schatten des Chefs

(2.07) Rock and Roll Roulette tx 06.11.90
GERMAN: Gnadenlose Musik

(2.08) The Rotherhithe Project tx 13.11.90
GERMAN: Yamamotos Auftrag

(2.09) Snow Business tx 20.11.90
GERMAN: Snow Business

(2.10) Dead Dogs Don't Bark tx 27.11.90
GERMAN: Abschied

Special thanks to Patrick Wymer, Alan Mead, Ian Bolton, Darren Giddings, James Willis, Simon Coward, and Gregory Marshall.
Dave Rogers: The ITV Encyclopedia of Adventure, London: Boxtree 1988
Paul Cornell/Martin Day/Keith Topping: The Guinness Book of Classic British TV, Enfield 1996, pp. 241-4

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